Cayden, Part Two.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” To read Cayden, Part One, click here.  It wasn’t all bad. We had fun. Played (and lost) trivia games. Went dancing. Got drunk. Pushed each other on swings in the playground at midnight. Then again, there were also times like these: 5) The Wild Goose Chase So, there I stood, huddled […]

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Cayden, Part One.

At that moment, I knew I never stood a chance. It was drunken blur of drinks, dildos and drag queens. And never before had I limped so ashamedly into work on a morning after. (I won’t go into explicit sexual detail in this blog, but I will say this: Ow.) It was a fairly brief […]

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Empty Calories.

I’m making the decision, once again, to put down the empty promises, the empty calories. When I was 15, I made a conscientious decision to delete soda from my everyday diet. For as long as I could remember, it was my go-to beverage for a quick thirst quenching. The odd thing was, no matter the […]

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Brad, Part Two.

‘I’m stranded, alone in another country, no place to sleep, and it’s raining. Fuck my life.’ To read Brad, Part One, click here. So. I stayed. More drinks. More giggling. More conversation about his life, his career… Now that I think about it, he talked about himself quite a lot. Not that I particularly minded […]

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